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Swapping! [20 Sep 2005|02:34am]


Critters, child-size hat & scarf, etc. back hereCollapse )
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purse [21 Jun 2005|10:56pm]

i have 2 bags.
2(two)Collapse )
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[09 Jun 2005|10:10pm]


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Yarn for trade [05 Jun 2005|05:10pm]

These have been in my shop for months! I guess no one really wants them, and Im not going to knit with them- so someone please please take them off my hands. Ill part with them at a value of 4 each, though thats of course negotiable. Trade me some different yarn, or ??- Im not too picky on these yarns!

Damper Red

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Swapiness [21 May 2005|02:48pm]

Cool stuff for swap:

Fiber "leftovers" This is white rommey, the same stuff ive been sspinning up, but jsut has too much VM for me to dare put it through my drum carder. Just takes a little time and work to pick it through ( a lot of the VM will also fall out in spinning or whatever as well). Could also be used for stuffing, felting, etc. The rommey is minimally processed so it still has a bit on lanlin in it, spins up well, and is a bit fuzzy and shiny. Value is at about $1/ounce and I have about a pound of these leftovers I can trade. (I swear I have way too much fiber these days)

(following are in rolag form...that means they are like tiny batts of fiber, several batts/ounce)
wool/recycled silk fiber about one once white merino, angelina, and multi recycled silk. I has inteded this to be a bunch of yarn to spin up for a scarf, but I got tired of shredding the silks (hard on the fingers!)...and well, one ounce is enough to practice on, and I bet you could probably get a piar of gloves from it etc if you spun it fine... $3 value

grassy colored merino and angelina again only one one ounce. Pale green and white merino blended with angelina and soysilk...$3 value

merino alapca blend 2 ounces (6 dollar value) multi colored recycled silk,brown alapca, white merino, red angelina.

yarn ends- i have a bunch of yarn ends (1-10 yards each, mixed fibers, traded as a lot), all handspun, lots of differnet colors (tend towards pastels), feltable (i think it would be cool to knit in stripes with another color or use for magic ball knitting) value- $7 for the lot.

Ill get up some odds n ends skeins later...
what im looking for and ***pics*** of the trade items!Collapse )
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Bottlecap Charms [20 May 2005|09:46pm]

These are two of my bottlecap charms that didn't turn out quite right...I made the holes two big and the wire didn't fill them up enough and the resin leaked out onto the back of the caps...tried to get a good pic...kind of hard:) Also the purple one that says meanie...the meanie is hard to read...the flash made it seem like you can see it. Put the other three pics behind a cut:) I was keeping these on my bulletin board...you can't see the backs when they are up against something:)

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First post in my new community... [20 May 2005|08:25pm]

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