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Cool stuff for swap:

Fiber "leftovers" This is white rommey, the same stuff ive been sspinning up, but jsut has too much VM for me to dare put it through my drum carder. Just takes a little time and work to pick it through ( a lot of the VM will also fall out in spinning or whatever as well). Could also be used for stuffing, felting, etc. The rommey is minimally processed so it still has a bit on lanlin in it, spins up well, and is a bit fuzzy and shiny. Value is at about $1/ounce and I have about a pound of these leftovers I can trade. (I swear I have way too much fiber these days)

(following are in rolag form...that means they are like tiny batts of fiber, several batts/ounce)
wool/recycled silk fiber about one once white merino, angelina, and multi recycled silk. I has inteded this to be a bunch of yarn to spin up for a scarf, but I got tired of shredding the silks (hard on the fingers!)...and well, one ounce is enough to practice on, and I bet you could probably get a piar of gloves from it etc if you spun it fine... $3 value

grassy colored merino and angelina again only one one ounce. Pale green and white merino blended with angelina and soysilk...$3 value

merino alapca blend 2 ounces (6 dollar value) multi colored recycled silk,brown alapca, white merino, red angelina.

yarn ends- i have a bunch of yarn ends (1-10 yards each, mixed fibers, traded as a lot), all handspun, lots of differnet colors (tend towards pastels), feltable (i think it would be cool to knit in stripes with another color or use for magic ball knitting) value- $7 for the lot.

Ill get up some odds n ends skeins later...

(pictures in order of fiber, sorry no pic for the rommey!)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
~I trade dollar for dollar~
Im pretty open to trade, but what specifically Im looking for: (note: this is an expanded list from other trades...)
-sock yarns think: lornas laces, kppm, lotus, wild mnt., etc etc
- book loop d loop
-dpns, anything under size 3 in wood or bamboo
-silky wool andn other wool/silk blends.
-stretchy or elastic yarns (fixation?)
-clay teapot- i really want one of these for my dorm! brighter the better, my dishes are in bright reds, greens, yellow, etc.
-lace weight-dk weight yarns- emphasis on interesting blends of fibers colors, texture, handpainted, etc.
-ball winder
-handmade buttons
- randomness: cool b&b (must be vegetarian though!), teas, lotions, foods, etc.
- other cool stuff for my dorm, that i can knit, spin, cool craft books, etc.
-fun fiber batts/blends, novelty fibers, handdyed stuff, etc.

(what I dont need- more jewellery, earings (cant wear em!), etc. Small items I can give as gifts are cool though...)
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