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i have 2 bags.

i just make purses because i love to, but no one ever buys them because they arent 'perfect' but they still work. so, i figured maybe if i swap them someone else could get use out of them with out paying.

this is a cowboy bag i made, its an under-the-arm purse. the strap is a ribbon and it ties with green lace. it has a lining but the stitches are off (not really noticeable). if i was to sell it i would ask at least $4 because its very functional and its pretty good quality.

this is a duck bag i reconstructed from a pillowcase. its big enough to be a bookbag(if you want) and the ribbon is triple stitched on as a strap. if i was to sell this one i would ask atleast $3 because there isnt as much effort but it did take me a long time to get the stiches as perfect as they are going to be.

i would like to stay within the US for shipping but i dont mind outside the US if its not far. I would really trade for anything, necklaces, other bags, stuffies, etc. not so much crafting supplies as much as DIY crafts themselves, but i do negotiate.

i come from michigan.

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