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Ugly Duckling Swap

All Items Need Love!

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About This Community
Have you ever made an item, and while it's perfectly functional, and still cute, you can't sell it because it's not perfect? Do you ever wonder what to do with the prototypes you make, that aren't perfect enough to sell? What about those items that are perfect, but just won't sell no matter what you do? Or those leftover supplies and odds n' ends from projects? Well this is where you can swap them. Please read the rules and instructions before joining!

The Scary Sounding Rules:
-NO SELLING. NONE. This community is to swap your items, the point is for people to be able to clear out extra items that are not sellable. Any sales posts will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned.
-Swap at your own risk! At least for now, this community has no feedback, so you won't be able to do a background check on other members. If you are ripped off, please contact me and I will make a blacklist of members to watch out for (or that I will ban).
-All items must be handmade by you! Nothing mass-produced is allowed.
-Do not post links to your online shop. You may post links to trade lists, but not to anything that is being sold!
-Please keep posts relavent to the community. This is not a place to show off your latest creations, but to swap your imperfect or excess items.
-DO NOT SWAP JUNK. This is not a place to get rid of trash, this is a place to trade items that are less than perfect, but functional! Please read the list of acceptable items below.
-Promote your un-related community in mine, and I will ban you. You may promote similar communities, craft related communities, etc. but if you want us to join your "omgz, r u hawt?????? hahahaha no ur ugly!!!!11one" community, you will be beaten to death by my evil henchmen.

Acceptable Items:
"Less than perfect" does not mean something that is falling apart and is better off in the trash. If you have any doubts about an item, don't swap it. Things that are okay are things like inside-out lining, messy stitches, lopsided ears, etc. Things that make an item unsellable, but not unusable or unloveable. If you wouldn't use it yourself, don't swap it here.
Things that are definitely not allowed are items that are falling apart, have rips or tears, stains, broken peices, or that need repairs made by the person receiving the item.

Instructions for Posting Your Items:
-You may post one (1) image up to 400x400 outside of a cut, or two (2) images up to 200x200 outside of a cut. Any additional images must be placed behind a cut or your post will be deleted. Images behind cuts may be larger than 400x400.
-You must describe items and their condition fully. If you fail to do so, you may be blacklisted.
-If your post is long, please use a cut!
-Please include a want list ("anything!" is acceptable if you really mean it), whether you are willing to swap internationally, and your location (not full address) behind the cut. Make sure to list any allergies.
-You may assign a price value to an item, but remember that you are not selling it. For example, if you make a stuffed animal that you think should sell for $20, you can easily find items from other people that have been assigned this same value. BUT YOU MAY NOT SELL IN THIS COMMUNITY.

Info Form
(you don't have to use this, but it has things you may want to include)

Item Description:
Materials Used:
Child/Pet Friendly?:
Approximate Value:
Your Name:
Ship Internationally?:
Items wanted in exchange:

Dream & Sugar, LiveJournal, and I are not responsible for any transactions or results of transactions that occur in this community. Swap at your own risk.